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About Prospect Hill Beverages

Prospect Hill Beverages, LLC has brought back Tower Root Beer to the New England area using the original recipe bottled and distributed by Prospect Hill Bottling and Soda Water Co. Tower Root Beer was first established in Somerville, MA in 1914 by Domenick Cusolito who immigrated to the United States from Salina, Italy and settled in the Boston area. After World War II, his sons, Jack, Richard and Paul, assumed the responsibility for the management and operation of the family business. Now, Larry Cusolito, Richard’s son (Domenick’s grandson) is heading up a third-generation of the family, to reintroduce the Tower Root Beer brand in the New England region and re-establish the Cusolito family tradition in the soft drink market.


Tower Root Beer is being bottled by EMPIRE Bottling Works, Inc., a contract bottling company located in Bristol, RI under the ownership of Mr. Ed Borges, until such time as a manufacturing facility can be secured for private production. Mr. Borges’ operation is also a family business with a tradition that goes back to 1930. 


Photo Gallery

Old Brewery on 52 Roland Street, Charlestown acquired during prohibition.Richard and Larry make a ceremonial stop at Prospect Hill Tower with the first load of Tower produced in 30 years. This is the Tower that Tower Root Beer was named after.This label was developed from an old Tower Root Beer bottle and was used to relaunch Prospect Hill Beverages,LLC.Case and bottles from 1940's era. These 28oz. bottles were very popular from the 1930's to the 1960's. A case of these empty bottles weighs about 35 lbs.
Tower Sign: This magnet replicates one of our old advertising signs.Tower Truck at 153 Cross Street Church: 1920 era - Tower operations moved to this location after outgrowing the original location at 52 Tufts Street which was eventually taken for the McGrath Highway project.Tower Deliver Trucks lined up at loading dock behind Bottling Plant 52 Roland Street, Charlestown.1950's/1960's era Delivery Truck at Charlestown plant.
Truck at Tower: What we believe to be the first Tower delivery truck atop Prospect Hill in Somerville with the Tower in background.

What generations of fans are saying!

"Only the BEST root beer. Thank you for that home delivery."